AImpact Insights

Category : smartseo-case-study

Start Date: 2023-08-25

Handover: 2023-08-26

Client: AImpact Event

AImpact Insights

AImpact is a virtual conference dedicated to the booming AI Marketing industry.

The AImpact team wanted a solution to grow their organic reach and sell more tickets.

In partnership with SmartSEO, the AImpact Event launched AImpact Insights. This new blog hub that will host fully automated SmartSEO articles which they invite industry experts to provide insight on, further increasing the SEO value! Brilliant move.

You can visit the AImpact Insights blog to see SmartSEO in action!

This blog features impactful and educational content that is highly targeted to the AI marketing industry while promoting a call to action for AImpact.

SmartSEO AI Automation Summary
Example SmartSEO Articles:
Solution & Results
  • Increased organic search traffic.
  • Engaged audience
  • Educated and reached new potential leads
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