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For individuals looking to give their website a quality SEO boost.

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  • 25 Article Credits per month

  • 1x website publication

  • Works out to $3.88 per article

  • AI Keyword Research

  • Monthly Article Report

  • Custom Prompt Engineering

$ 179 /month
$ 1,790 /year

For professionals with more than one publication in need of SEO content.

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  • 60 Article Credits per month

  • 2x website publications

  • Works out to $2.98 per article

  • AI Keyword Research

  • Monthly Article Report

  • Custom Prompt Engineering

$ 497 /month
$ 4,970 /year

For active businesses wanting to grow multiple websites with SEO articles.

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  • 200 Article Credits per month

  • 5x website publications

  • Works out to $2.48 per article

  • AI Keyword Research

  • Monthly Article Report

  • Custom Prompt Engineering

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Here's an overview of all the features and perks for each individual plan.

Personal Professional Business
Article Credits Per Month 25 60 200
Number of Websites 1 2 5
Effective Cost Per Article $3.88 $2.98 $2.48
Articles Generated Using GPT-4
Expert Prompt Engineering for SEO
AI-Powered Keyword Research
100% Pass AI-Content Detection
Monthly Article Report
Live Progress Tracking
SEO Expert Keyword Research
Custom Prompt Engineering + $100 + $75
Advanced Automations
Push Notification to Slack
Publish to Notion Page
Email Notifications
Social Media Post Automation
One-time Setup Fee $80 $40
Customer Support Basic Basic Priority
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You've Got Smart Questions & We've Got Answers

Get all the details on how our AI SEO article automation works.

  • 1. What is SmartSEO?

    We automate high-quality SEO article publication so you don't have to worry about it or do anything. Focus on running your business while we deliver dozens of articles seamlessly

  • 2. What platforms do you work on?

    Right now we're focused on working with established WordPress business blogs. In the future we plan to expand our offering and cater to more publishing platforms. Get in touch if you're interested.

  • 3. How are article credits counted?

    Depending on your plan, you can request either 25, 60 or 200 articles per month. Article credits do not roll-over into the next month and are reset at the start of your billing cycle.

    Requests can be made in your customer dashboard and you will begin to see articles appear on your website within 24 hours of your request.

  • 4. What type of content will I get?

    First, we gather key details about your website during your registration and onboarding. We then often perform a detailed analysis of your specific needs. This allows us to generate the most high-quality SEO articles using the top-performing AI model, GPT-4.

    You can use our AI-Powered Keyword research tool to choose topics and keyword phrases relevant to your business.

  • 5. What results can I expect to see? *

    In addition to all the time you'll save not having to deal with SEO content anymore, you'll get a marked increase in website traffic. As with any SEO service, results vary on an individual basis. 

    We're happy to report more of our client success stories and case studies in the coming weeks.

  • 6. Can I cancel anytime?

    Yes, if you would like, we will stop publishing articles immediately and cancel your subscription. Remember, SEO is a long-game and it may take up to 3 months to see provable results.

    If your budget for marketing is short this month, you can always pause your account and resume the next month.

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SmartSEO is a Hands-free AI SEO Solution that Saves Time and Helps Grow Your Business!

With a SmartSEO subscription, you'll get consistent, quality content, published automatically while you focus on what you do best — running your business!

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